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WOW!  I’m impressed!  Your people were just here and loaded up 50 boxes of records for shredding. They were extremely courteous, efficient and professional. 
B. Wivell

Trusted – Secure – Convenient!

Beacon Secure specializes in providing customized confidential document shredding and media destruction services for Southern Arizona.  As the first shredding service in the State to receive the highest AAA NAID certification, we ensure your documents and other confidential materials are securely handled throughout our well-established chain-of-custody process.

Why Shred?

Be Secure!  Even with increased use of technology, paper consumption continues to increase, putting your personal and business information at risk to be compromised. Beacon Secure’s well-established chain-of-custody procedures ensure your documents and other media will remain secure from the time they’re deposited in your on-site consoles until they’re shredded at our NAID certified facility.

Protect Your Identity

World-wide, identity theft remains a growing concern.  It’s estimated that as many as 9 million Americans are victimized each year, and the vast majority have been compromised through paper based sources rather than electronic sources.  Your credit rating, financial resources and reputation are at risk!  Beacon Secure provides the peace of mind that comes with trusting your confidential documents and media to a NAID certified facility.

Be Compliant

Keeping customer and employee information secure is the law, and companies and organizations that fail to comply face stringent penalties.  Eliminate the worry that confidential documents may be carelessly discarded and fall into the wrong hands.  Beacon Secure’s on-site consoles and certified procedures will ensure your confidential documents and media are secure throughout our entire document destruction process.  We also offer complimentary training materials that will allow you to familiarize your staff with compliance regulations.

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