Beacon Secure did a great job shredding some boxes of old documents. The Beacon Group adds so much to the Tucson community and I was very pleased with the work they did for me.
Yappa Tabby

What We Shred

CD file cards

Security is more critical than ever today, especially for any business, organization or agency that collects and stores confidential information from customers and clients, or sensitive internal information.  Beacon Secure can help protect confidentiality and your company’s reputation through secure destruction of sensitive information whether stored on paper or electronic media.

Beacon Secure is certified to address sensitive destruction projects, and our NAID certification means you can rest assured that we will render your confidential materials to an indecipherable state.  Materials we handle include paper documents, packaging, checks, computer hard drives, electronic storage media, credit, debit and gift cards, x-rays, tickets, coupons, and stamps, overruns and misprinted documents, and more.

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