WOW!  I’m impressed!  Your people were just here and loaded up 50 boxes of records for shredding. They were extremely courteous, efficient and professional. 
B. Wivell

Cost Effective

Cost savings

How Beacon Secure Saves You Money

Locked Containers

The locked containers located in your facility for secure documents and media shredding are provided by Beacon Secure at no cost to you.

No Sorting!

You don’t need to worry about removing folders, paper clips, binder clips, etc. We take colored paper, too.

No Extra Charges

If you have additional materials, boxes or pallets that need to be picked up there are no additional charges beyond the standard cost per pound rate.

Paper Recycling

We recycle your paper!  After shredding, your confidential documents are baled up and sent to a recycling mill. The mill turns your materials back into new paper, so your documents never end up in a landfill.

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