WOW!  I’m impressed!  Your people were just here and loaded up 50 boxes of records for shredding. They were extremely courteous, efficient and professional. 
B. Wivell

Privacy Protection

Safe lock

Beacon Secure Protects Your Business

  • Shredding protects your customers’, clients’ and patients’ privacy, and prevents identity theft
  • Shredding helps to protect your company’s proprietary trade information
  • All containers are locked; to ensure security within your office, only Beacon Secure has the keys to your container
  • All collection containers are kept locked and in a secure area at our facility while waiting to be shredded
  • Paper is shredded to a 1/2″ width or, if requested, 5/16″ which is specified by the Internal Revenue Service
  • We comply with all pertinent guidelines including HIPAA, FACTA, Graham Leach-Bliley and the Economic Espionage Act
  • We provide a certificate of destruction confirming your materials have been destroyed, and providing documentation in the event of an audit
  • Beacon Secure is the first compnay in Southern Arizona to earn AAA certification by NAID,  the National Association for Information Destruction
  • Our document destruction customers include hospitals, law firms, Fortune 500 commercial manufacturers and local, State and Federal government agencies. Your business will be provided the same level of security and service

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